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Did You Know that Dandruff can Start in Early Adolescence Itself?

Dandruffs could be rather embarrassing and uncomfortable to deal with, especially when it gets very itchy and the persistent scratching will shed skin cells everywhere on your clothing and desk at work or school.

Dandruff generally isn’t contagious or harmful, and there are many surrounding theories why it happens, although most dermatologists agree that it happens due to an overgrowth of skin cells caused by the working of a particular fungus that lives on your scalp. But did you know that you could actually get it from very young age itself, and particularly in your adolescence?

Causes of Dandruff

Well, of the many known causes of dandruffs, hormonal imbalance and age factor are two important ones that are relevant to teenagers. When a boy or girl enters adolescence during and after puberty, hormones will spike upwards and bodily systems could go a little haywire. The higher hormonal levels lead to the production of more skin oil, or sebum. The build-up of sebum will then lead to accumulation of irritating substances including the positive feeding of a fungus called malassezia.

The fungus malassezia is found in every human being’s skin, and is the main one that triggers dandruff. As normal as this fungus is for us humans, some of us have too much of it, and this causes skin cells to multiply more quickly than usual, which leads to excessive skin flaking off from your scalp, especially in your adolescence. School-going adolescents could also be very careless when it comes to skin care and hair care, and often skip hair wash after extended school hours and sporting events, in which case the oil build-up on the scalp could also pave the way for dandruff problems to arise.

Malassezia Fungus

For some adolescents, it could be just a passing phase triggered by puberty and hormonal spikes in their body, and once the hormones settle down and your sebum levels return to normal, the dandruff would gradually phase out as well. But for some, it could be the start of a prolonged dandruff problem that might get better or worse as they grow older. Dandruff could be very tough or impossible to beat at times, as it happens to be a reaction to the fungus malassezia which naturally pre-exist on our skin. Nevertheless, dandruff can effectively be controlled with the right products and treatment from Svenson outlet. In your teen, it is likely that you may have to use the right shampoos every time you shower to maintain a consistent routine. If too much washing seem to be drying up your scalp, try Svenson Haffirmations Range that come with moisturizing and conditioning properties or get separate conditioners and use after application of shampoo.

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