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Introducing Svenson’s Oxy Jet Therapy for your Scalp and Hair Woes!

regrow your hair regain your confidence!

Do you have recurring hair issues that arise from a weak or overly sensitive scalp? Is your scalp is not listening to you even after the many products and treatments you have sought and applied? Well, perhaps it is time you listen to your scalp to understand what exactly its problem is.

Many of us have weak scalp because there are not enough nutrients reaching our scalp cells. Shampoos and conditioners do not supply these nutrients all the time, especially when you have blocked pores or follicles on your scalp that somehow inhibit the absorption of such nutrients.

This is why Svenson has come up with a revolutionary scalp and skin care treatment to take your woes away. Called the Oxy DH Therapy, this treatment uses Oxygen, and is therefore completely safe to for all hair and scalp conditions. It penetrates biomimetic peptides on your scalp and plants active ingredients into the scalp, without using any needle!

There are two phases of this Oxy DH Therapy – the peeling phase and infusion phase.

how does it works

First off, the peeling phase. By using a strong air compressor that accelerates the kinetic energy of the microsized droplets of air and water, the treatment seeks to peel off the outer keratinous layers of dead skin. The strong jet stream also opens up micro channels to facilitate the transdermal delivery of nutrients supplements. By applying a slowing scanning technique, it then removes excess oil and impurities trapped in your skin. As it is using a natural source, it does not damage skin or scalp tissues or cause any inflammation in general.

Then there is the infusion phase. Basically, 95% pure oxygen is infused into the basal cell membrane. This high velocity and speed oxygen is used to transport active ingredients to the deeper skin cells.

Then the active ingredient supplies start to take effect by using the natural cell spaces, also known as Biomatrix, as channels to disperse, with no damage to the skin and scalp cells or blood vessels.

To recap briefly, the treatment involves the use of 3 miniature nozzles that creates supersonic jets of micro-droplets of oxygen and saline. There is absolutely no needles involved, which makes this Oxy DH Therapy one of a kind and unique. Once the micro channels of the scalp are opened, the DH Concentrate Serum is supplied to the skin. This Serum contains biomimetric peptides and plant extracts that are nutrition to the hair, which helps to counter hair loss problems and regain hair growth. So, in short, it is an intensive scalp care and hair follicle treatment that works deeper into the skin cells and beyond just the outer keratinous layers of the scalp.