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Dandruff: Causes and Treatments


Dandruffs could be rather embarrassing and uncomfortable to deal with, especially when flakes large and small land everywhere around your clothing and even on your food. It isn’t really harmful or contagious, but it could occur to anyone across any age segment and in both genders.

Given the various causes behind dandruff, perhaps the best thing one could do before getting treated is to find out what the cause is.

Most skincare experts generally believe and agree that dandruff is essentially a condition due to an overgrowth of skin cells caused by the working of fungus or excess sebum on your scalp. Very often, a fungus called malassezia, which is found in every human being’s skin, triggers dandruff. As normal as this fungus is for us humans, some of us have too much of it, and this causes skin cells to multiply more quickly than usual, which leads to excessive skin flaking off from your scalp.

Young boy with danfruff

Other factors that could cause dandruff would include age factor, hormonal imbalance and stress as well. If you don’t wash your hair often enough, the oil build-up on the scalp could also make it possible for dandruff to come about. For some people, this starts at very young age and combined with the lack of proper hair care or hygiene, it becomes worse through the years.

It is not all helpless, however. Dandruff is a condition that, if not curable for some, could be controlled to a large extent with the right treatment and medication. In fact, there are a lot of over-the-counter products and treatments that offer quick and temporary solutions to dandruff woes, but most of us are always looking for something permanent.

Now that you know what causes your dandruff, let us help you solve it once and for all.

Rescue Dandruff Control Therapy

Svenson has introduced an all NEW Rescue Dandruff Control Therapy, that is specially formulated for irritated scalp with dandruff issues.

This new and revolutionary treatment is here to rescue you from all the inconvenience dandruff causes in your daily life, by giving you these benefits:

  • GENTLY DEEP CLEANSE scalp barrier effectively to get rid of existing dandruff or flakes
  • ELIMINATES bacteria or fungal presence to prevent follicle micro-inflammation
  • REGULATE sebaceous glands on scalp to prevent excess sebum
  • NOURISHES AND MOISTURISES follicles and scalp to soothe and prevent itchiness or dryness.

Come over for a few sessions with us and see the difference yourself.

Woman used Rescue Range Shampoo

After the therapy, you could also opt for our all NEW Rescue Range Shampoo.

So what makes this Rescue Range Shampoo and Tonic different from other over-the-counter anti dandruff shampoos or tonics?

Now let’s break the details down for you. Basically this entire range is specially formulated for irritated scalp with dandruff, aptly named to free yourself of your scalp woes. First off, there’s the Rescue Dandruff Control Shampoo. This gentle and effective cleansing shampoo relieves your scalp of itchiness, dryness or irritation caused by dandruff. Then, there’s the Rescue Sulphur Intensive Shampoo. As exotic as this may sound, this intensive treatment shampoo is a simple formulation that works for stubborn dandruff or scalp irritation issues such as bacterial infection or inflammation. Sulphur, if you didn’t know already, is one of the many good antibacterial agents that inhibits growth and spread of these evil parasites on your skin. Finally, there’s the Rescue Dandruff Control Tonic. This Tonic helps to normalize scalp conditions and prevent new dandruff formation or even future irritations. It is intended to treat, prevent and nourish your scalp, all at one go.

Rescue Range Shampoos

So don’t wait, get hold of us now, and drop by for a few regular sessions of the Rescue Dandruff Control Therapy and also try our new Rescue Range Shampoos. In no time, your scalp could be normalized and restored to optimal condition for healthier, fuller hair growth.

We know how an itchy or irritated scalp can get in the way of your daily life and routine and even worse, hamper your whole look and confidence. Now, with the above all-new treatment and product range from Svenson, hope it not all lost.

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