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Introducing Svenson’s Cap-ls Therapy For Hair Growth!

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be quite stressful and embarrassing for many of us, both men and women alike. For some, even our self-esteem gets affected by it.

Hair loss can be a result of many factors. Frequent traveling, genetics, chemicals applied to our hair, stress and lack of proper diet can result in serious fall in hair numbers. When hair follicles are weakened, hair falls easily even when running your comb or fingers through your hair. To prevent this, protection of your scalp and your hair follicles with the right products or treatment would be pertinent.

And hair treatments, be it products or services, can be rather expensive at times.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are no affordable alternatives, at all, that works?

Well, Svenson Hair Center Malaysia has the answer for you. Introducing Svenson’s CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy, your perfect hair loss solution that fights the root cause effectively!

Capillus Machine

Our machines that we use in our centres are, amongst various recognitions, ISO-13485 certified and proudly manufactured in the United States for utmost quality and standards. The treatment has been cleared by the FDA, pursuant to results of clinical trials which have shown positive and promising results without compromising on safety and health. So fret not, your hair loss woes are not here to stay anymore.

At only RM119 for a limited period of time (originally worth RM545), you are not only getting the CAP-LS Therapy but also an Elixir Hair Serum Solution. The CAP-LS Therapy is proven to prevent hair loss and in fact promote hair growth in adults. All you need is 6 minutes of your time for each session in your treatment at our centres.

Man using CAP-LS Therapy

In fact, our clinical studies have shown that 95% of our tested subject has seen increased hair counts in just 17 weeks and 51% have reported more hair on average after having undergone this therapy. These results are appropriately supported by reports from rigorous third-party, double-blind and peer-reviewed clinical studies, so you know we are not just simply saying this.

The treatment essentially uses laser therapy to increase microcirculation within and general blood circulation to your scalp, cellular metabolism and in turn, hair growth. Ultimately, it holistically promotes follicle health, which allows new hair to grow and thereby reversing the process of shedding as well. It minimises scalp inflammation that may cause scalp weakening and hair loss in some people as well.

Svenson’s CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy effect

The Svenson’s CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy works on three different levels on your hair. First, there’s stimulation of Anegen re-entry, where it propels hair into growth phase and revives dormant follicles, creating new re-growth. Secondly, it prolongs the Anagen phase, whereby it lengthens the lifespan of hair follicles. Thirdly, it prevents premature Catagen by reducing the period of shedding, so less hair is lost in general.

Moreover, our skin is naturally highly photosensitive, particularly mitochondira in the scalp cells. When exposed to the laser from the Svenson’s CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy transform the laser energy into cell energy. On a biological level, this means there is increased cell proliferation, production of inflammatory mediators and proteins and increased levels of tissue oxygen.

Recommended for people with oily scalp or sensitive scalp, or those with fine and weak hair, hair breakage and stress-related thinning, this treatment is very safe and effective as it is non-invasive and works strictly on the follicles. Applicable to both men and women, whose hair loss problems are commonly caused by similar reasons, the treatment works from inside out on your hair follicles and scalp cells as you would see above.

Svenson’s CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy effect in months

Now, technicalities aside, let’s look at what you may actually see in the long run, after having undergone the Svenson’s CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy.

  1. After 30-45 days, you will perceivably see cleaner, more manageable hair with improved hair lustre and fuller body. There will also be decreased oiliness and less hair in shower and on pillows, with larger hair shafts appearing for more growth.
  2. After 90 days – You will perceivably see thicker & longer hair, healthier scalp, less or eliminated inflammation, reduced scalp itching and enhanced curl retention for curly hair.
  3. After 180 days – The previously-missing hairs on top and vertex will start filling.
  4. After 1 year – You will see fuller and thicker hairs with continued use of the treatment or other related products from Svenson.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today and drop for a treatment to see the results! For more information, you may visit our Facebook or Instagram pages or our website at