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Getting a Satisfactory Outcome From Visiting a Hair Centre – What to Look Out for

Svenson Hair has brought trichology to clients the world over for over 60 years. While tools and techniques have since progressed, our convictions remain the same: hair and scalp care that’s committed and holistic. Always one to bring the latest news and discoveries to their clients, Svenson attended the World Congress Hair Research 2019 this April at Barcelona. Much time was invested into the lectures, and exciting new discoveries were learned. This is part 4 of a series of 4 articles that the team has prepared to share their learnings.

You’re in the shower, lathering up the shampoo and thinking of all the nasty gunk and grime it’ll rinse away from your hair and scalp after a long day. Alas! You find an alarming amount of hair in your hands and on the ground instead.

Thinking that you may be paranoid, you peer into the mirror to take a look at your hairline and partings. Is your hair really thinning? Or maybe it’s just a temporary thing? After all said and done, perhaps instead of the guesswork and the doubts, why not visit a certified Trichologist at a Hair Centre for a more concrete answer?

Not sure how a hair centre can help you, or what to expect when visiting one?

This is just for you then! To help you take control of your hair and scalp care, by telling you how to pick the right Hair Centre and what to expect when visiting it for your needs:

3As: Availability, Affability and Ability

To start, let’s start with the first assessment upon the first visit to a hair centre:

  • Are centres readily available with branches in different vicinities
  • Are staff friendly, warm and welcoming or just seem to add on further to your stress?
  • Are centre staff able to meet your needs in terms of service and answering of queries?

If the above gathered a resounding “YES” to all, read on to find out what other aspects you should take note of:

Word of Mouth

The best form of advertisement would always be through word of mouth recommendation. Be sure to ask around friends or family about the centre you’d like to visit. Don’t just take their words as gold, evaluate their feedback with your own experience when visiting the centre

Remember, what may work for others may not work for you, it’s always best to prepare any questions to be clarified, and ask them yourself at point of contact.


Expertise of Staff

Be sure to find out more on the experience and background of Trichologist or consultant you’re speaking with at the centre – Their experience would come in very handy in assessing hair growth issues and progress. Look for the certifications the team has such as membership at The Institute of Trichologists (UK), or completion certification or qualifications (S-Class Service Awards or part of the trichologists having membership at the Institute of Trichologists UK for example).

The team servicing you at the hair centre should also be patient, to address your queries, and be professional when managing your expectations and goals. Honesty is key when communicating findings backed with quantifiable data, as well as progress forecast. It is simply not possible to get an instant growth result in a week unless using instantaneous alternatives such as HairFix (Read about it here) or Follicraft (Read about it here).

Each staff in a centre has a role to play – therapists with service excellence to ensure customers get the top-rated treatment they expect, to accurate and realistic communications from the consultants or Trichologist. All members of a hair centre should work synergistically to ensure a customer experiences the expertise of each role, from customer service excellence in interaction to technical expertise upon treatment.


Quantifying Tools to Diagnose & Monitor Progress

Each visit should have a data point to track progress and ensure that anyone who has your record on hand is able to catch up with your past and current situation. It can be in a form of a customer card or database images of scalp scan images.

An example of how Svenson diagnoses and monitors progress with quantifiable results would be the use of IDHA – a scalp assessment tool with quantifiable data such as thickness of hair shaft, number of strands per follicular unit and more.

How Svenson Ensures Customer Satisfaction

As tools and techniques progressed through the years, Svenson’s convictions have remained the same time and time again: hair and scalp care that’s committed and holistic, delivered by Trichologists and Hair Consultants who have your best interest at heart.

Understanding the impact of hair loss on one’s psyche is deeply ingrained in our disposition as we constantly strive to be empathetic – to understand the stresses our customers are going through from anxiety to self-esteem issues due to hair or scalp issues.

Anxiety in relations to hair or scalp issues should not be taken lightly, as revealed in a recent study conducted on the effects of hair loss conditions on quality of life. The study showed that anxiety and social phobia traits were consistent in all subjects – showcasing a higher impact on quality of life1. Svenson aims to address the root of the issue by helping customers regain control of their hair and scalp health, and that the Hair Growth Journey need not be one fraught with headaches or doubts but of encouragement, satisfactions and visible progress.

To strengthen that resolve, Svenson promises customers the basics of the As:

  • AVAILABILITY With 3 strategic centres located in the East, West and Central with retail hours, Svenson is easily available
  • AFFABILITY All staff are trained to go through a service excellence course as outlined by SPRING Singapore’s for the S-Class
    Certification – which Svenson has attained
  • ABILITY The Svenson Team are headed by Chief Trichologist – Kim Fong who has more than 15 years experience as a Certified Trichologist. An official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT), you can be sure your crowning glory is in good hands.

To add on, Svenson is constantly enhancing its technology and formulations to ensure customers get the best the industry has to offer for hair and scalp care. The team recently attended the 11th World Congress Hair Research in Barcelona to advance their knowledge on the latest scientific findings on hair biology or technology, and have written a few articles on new findings such as how a certain sunscreen ingredient may have an effect on hair follicles, the uses and advancement of trichoscopy equipment and hair stem cell research.

The perpetual need to provide the best to their customers is evident in their latest work such as participating in the World Congress hair Research Lectures,refurbishment of Hair Centres to provide private ambient spaces for customers and the launching of the latest top-of-line technology such as Plasma Hair Regen Therapy.

Visit Svenson today to see all the above pointers in place for yourself.

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