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Svenson Follicells Growth Activator

Increase your Hair Stem Cell By 70%

Hair loss can be traumatic for many people. Dryness, sensitive scalps, dandruff, and redness, stress, bad eating habits, there could be so many factors driving the hair loss.

The hair loss process starts when hair stem cells lack much needed nutrients. In addition, recent studies have shown that IL-6, a protein produced by various cells in the body, is a key factor of hair loss as it induces DHT formation in hair follicles. DHT is the cause of hair follicles miniaturising, which leads to weak hair that will eventually fall. The solution: the restraining of IL-6 Levels in the body has shown a decrease in hair fall.

After rigourous laboratory tests and scientific research, Svenson has come up with a cutting-edge solution for your hair and scalp woes. The Follicells Growth Activator 55 was formulated with a potent mix of 55 amino acids to naturally increase hair cell protection and speed up the repair process for healthier hair. It decreases the IL-6 formation by 50% in hair follicles cells, leading to healthier stem cells for thicker, denser hair growth.

Follicells Growth Activator

First, the Follicells Growth Activator 55 adopts a two-pronged approach in ensuring your crowning glory is thicker and lusher: Prevention of further hair fall by suppressing IL6- levels, and stimulation of new growth.

So how different is our Svenson Follicells Growth Activator 55 from the rest of treatments in the market? Follicells Growth Activator 55 can increase hair stem cells. Stem cells have attracted much attention over the years with their unique regenerative abilities. Studies have found that different parts of the hair follicle contains stem cells that can stimulate hair growth.

Proven Results

This is where we began to investigate further. With the revolutionary Follicells Growth Activator 55, we could help to effectively decrease IL-6 by 50% for healthier hair follicle cells to trigger new hair growth. With the stem cell booster, our customers could expect up to 70% increase in hair stem cells is just 12 weeks, following clinical trials. The formula has been proven to spur new stem cell growth in hair follicles for new hair, while the featured ingredients also work on preventing premature hair loss by repressing DHT formation and strengthening existing hair. Our mix of proprietary DCCM Complex, Oriental Herbs Complex and Peptide Complex, have resulted in treated hair follicles showing an enormous increase in the amount of hair stem cells, and at the same time, new hair growth amongst our satisfied customers.

Our Follicells Growth Activator 55 provides your scalp with 55 different amino acids your scalp and hair needs! The Follicells Growth Activator 55 was formulated with these 55 amino acids to naturally increase hair cell protection and speed up the repair process for healthier hair. Amino acids, as many would know, act as a building block of hair protein, as well as increases scalp microcirculation for greater keratin production in hair.

Test tube

Our proprietary FGA55 blend with 55 amino acids helps to activate the self-generation of the hair cells and providing all the necessary nutrients to repair the weakened and brittle hair, making them healthier, stronger and more voluminous. Containing, amongst others, R-(methionyl) sh-oligopeptide-85, Decapeptide-10, Oligopeptide-41, Oligopeptide-54, Oxo azaandrostene carboxyloyl decapeptide-18, Defined Cell Culture Media and Biotin, you could see the difference in just 12 weeks!

Secondly, purify and stimulate your follicles with our High Frequency therapy. This essentially involves the elimination of harmful bacteria and stimulation of blood circulation with the non-invasive High-Frequency technology that uses a low-powered electric current that is safe and gentle on scalp.

Thirdly, with our revolutionary Chromolight therapy, soothe your scalp and follicles to remove odour and irritation from scalp with our LED technology. This features 3 fan speeds with heated or cold air to simultaneously dry your hair gently without injuring your follicles.

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Hair loss can be stressful, unquestionably. That’s why you should not wait any longer to consider visiting us at Svenson Hair Center Malaysia to find out more about our revolutionary offering at an unbelievable price. Treatment and prevention, all under one roof. With a chance of 70% increase in hair stem cells in just 12 weeks to cure your loss, 55 amino acids repressing DHT to prevent further hair loss, and getting a thicker and denser hair growth with our Hair Growth Activator, your visit to Svenson Hair Center Malaysia might be worth it.