Did You Know that Dandruff can Start in Early Adolescence Itself?


Dandruffs could be rather embarrassing and uncomfortable to deal with, especially when it gets very itchy and the persistent scratching will shed skin cells everywhere on your clothing and desk at work or school. Dandruff generally isn’t contagious or harmful, and there are many surrounding theories why it happens, although most dermatologists agree that it … Continue reading Did You Know that Dandruff can Start in Early Adolescence Itself?

What type of scalp do you have?


Do you get confused with the many different types of shampoos sold out there? Ever wondered which will actually work for your hair and which will not? Well, buying shampoos isn’t rocket science, but buying the wrong shampoo for your hair and worsening the condition could make it worth learning the basics behind hair care. … Continue reading What type of scalp do you have?

The First Step to Treating Hair Loss


Hair has always been one of the most important aspects of personality and aesthetics of a person. No better way to put this across, than the above quote. This is also the very reason why hair thinning or baldness, are serious concerns for those who have to cope with hair loss problems. Women, equally as men, also … Continue reading The First Step to Treating Hair Loss

Hair Bleaching & Hair Loss


It is the way we carry ourselves that makes us tick. In the same way, it is the way we style our hair—the crowning glory of a person—that makes us look fabulous. The hairstyle that we usually sport speaks so much about ourselves. Likewise, hair colouring.   Some would make drastic changes and go with … Continue reading Hair Bleaching & Hair Loss

6 Signs of Hair Loss


Ever seen someone with a perfect hairstyle and wondered how to emulate it but realise that your hair is not as thick or full to even begin? Then you start thinking that you are losing way too much hair! Is this a sign? Then again, you are only in your 20s or early 30s so … Continue reading 6 Signs of Hair Loss