Causes of Hair Loss for women
  • Is it Hormonal?
  • Is it Stress?
  • Is it Your Diet?

Discover the root cause of Hair Loss in Women

5 Causes of Hair Loss


Your body's reaction to stress can damage hair follicles

Minerals &

Lack of or excess minerals, such as zinc, iron or sulphur in diet may contribute to hair loss


Chemical treatments, hair dyeing or tight hair buns may lead to inflammation of follicles


Fluctuations in female hormones can cause hair loss


Inherited risks in genes can lead to Female Pattern Balding

Haffirmations: Arresting Hair Loss with Science


Factors of Hair Loss

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Levels of Care

Cleanse, Regulate, Correct and Build.

Types of Treatments

Time-tested techniques & cutting edge technology.

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Cellular Level
Haffirmations Hair Loss DIAGNOSTIC

A powerful procedure that analyses hair on a cellular level. Pinpoints the exact cause of hair loss.

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More On Women's Hair Loss

What Causes
Hair Loss in Women?

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What is Hair Loss

It’s a scientific test that analyses hair on a cellular level to test for the 5 factors of hair loss.

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Redeem Free Hair Loss Diagnostic*

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