• Thinning & Damaged Hair?
  • Thinning & Damaged Hair?



Scalp Scan + Consult

Begin with a complimentary scalp scan coupled with an in-depth discussion with our Hair Consultants, who will assess likely causes of your hair loss.


Based on the scalp assessment and discussion, we would recommend a suitable programme from our suite of 6 natural therapies and cutting edge technology.


Experience a healthier scalp that is optimum for hair growth.

6 natural therapies and technology to treat different hair loss conditions

Ginger Root

Controls dandruff, removes excess oil, and clears dead cells buildup.


Treat, Target, Stimulate.

Juniper Oil

Stimulates blood flow to hair shoot and revitalises dull or shedding hair.

Oxy Jet

Stimulates hair metabolic process at the epidermal level & gently exfoliates scalp.

Oleanolic Acid

Fights hair follicle ageing process to prevent hair loss.


Deep Cleanse, Exfoliate, Improve Circulation.

There's more... Contact us to enquire on other treatment options.

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For 60 years, Svenson has brought trichology to clients the world over. Our first Hair Centre opened in 1956 London, and while the tools and techniques have since progressed throughout Hair Centres in Asia our convictions remain the same: hair and scalp care that's committed, holistic and effective.
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