• Clarify, Reduce sebum and Volumise your hair for only $43!
  • 3 Scalp and Hair Treatments at only $43!

Mix-&-Match any 3 to create a customized Treatment plan

From Clarify, Mattify & Volumise, create a treatment plan best suited to your hair growth needs. Celebrate with us, see how far we’ve come on our 61st Anniversary and try out our latest formulas and technology.

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Clarify: Cleanse

Dandruff ruining your dark coloured ensembles? Pick
our clarifying treatment to deep cleanse your follicles
and slough off build-up on scalp.

Mattify: Reduce Sebum

Does your hair go limp and oily towards the end of
the day? Regulate hair follicle sebum with our
Mattify Treatment.

Volumise: fuller hair

Experience fuller volume, our Volumise Treatment
infuses your hair follicles with nutrients for thicker
hair and less hair fall.

Any 3 customized Treatments
Today Your Personalised Plan Tailored to your needs [ at RM99 ] Get 3 x RM50 Anniversary Rebate Voucher
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