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We call our new philosophy HAFFIRMATIONS, giving you solutions that are unique to you and right for right now.

Baldness or thinning issues that run in the family, plus environmental, nutritional, and lifestyle-related stresses – when these common factors combine, most often this is where hair loss begins.

Taking advantage of the latest trichological advances, we give you professional advice and approach hair loss in the right manner, and take control. Our approach is holistic, combining breakthrough botanical formulations, treatment innovations such as lasers and light therapy, and pharmaceuticals representing the best of hair science. We may also give nutritional advice, and recommend lifestyle changes to improve the health of the hair and scalp.


At SVENSON, we believe that hair loss and other scalp and hair problems more often than not stems from deep-set issues that are goes beyond the surface level; from entrenched lifestyle habits and routines, nutritional intake to external environmental stresses. With our team of experts, we strive to delve deep within to arrest your scalp and hair problems at the core through a scientific and holistic approach guided by the 4Rs techniques that allows you to reverse your hair’s destiny and achieve results that lasts.


Your body deserves the best. Treat your body right and it will treat you right.

To respect your body is to practice consistent mindfulness of how your daily routines, habits and food intake can impact your body and in turn, your scalp and hair.

By determining and rooting out the bad patterns in your daily life, you can put an end to an unhealthy hair cycle and focus on creating new habits and routines that improves the scalp and hair to proactively prevent hair loss before it even begins.

Respect your hair and reach out to our expert team of Trichologists & Hair Consultants whom are always ready to provide a listening ear and offer tailored advice that is of your best interest.


Your body is a biological machine that requires constant refuel and physical activity to be at its best.

Your hair condition is a mirror of your health status. The journey towards an improved scalp health begins with the development of a healthy body and mind.

By devising and actualising good nutritional plans, lifestyle habits and routines such as structured exercise and scalp care regimes in your everyday life, your overall well-being is enhanced, eventualising improved scalp and hair health.

Refuel your scalp and hair by kickstarting your HAFFIRMATIONS journey. Cleanse and Regulate to prep, prime and restore the internal balance of your scalp back to its optimal condition


Good hydration promotes a good circulatory and detoxification system.

Our body is composed of 70% water. Every cell, tissue and organ requires water to function properly; delivering essential nourishment, removing waste and stimulating regeneration and renewal from cellular level for healthier scalp and hair.

Rehydrate your scalp with our latest Technology of Hydrogen Therapy. This new treatment not only provides hydration, but also detoxifies, improves scalp circulation and stimulates cell regeneration for a rejuvenated crowning glory. Scalp is prepared for recovery through the Nutritive programme.


Recovery is more than muscle repair; it is also the restoration of chemical and hormonal balance and mental state.

The establishment of a firm foundation of the body and mind is the key to the maintenance of a healthy hair cycle and invigoration of hair regrowth.

By taking time out to focus on yourself and following through with structured self-care, scalp and hair is allowed to rest and be restored to a revitalized state.

Recover by reducing and preventing oxidative stress from harmful free radicals, boosting cellular regeneration and inducing hair growth with our latest trichological breakthrough – the Filler Advanced II that features state-of-the-art biotechnologies.

About Svenson

For 60 years, we've brought trichology to clients the world over. Our first Hair Centre opened in 1956 London and while the tools and techniques have since progressed throughout Hair Centres in Asia, our convictions remain the same: hair and scalp care that's committed, holistic and effective. Delivered by our Trichologist team, whom part of are International Affiliates (UK) of The Institute of Trichologists, and Hair Consultants who have your best interest at heart.

Svenson Hair Centres are present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia.

Certified expertise

With part of our Trichologist team being official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT), Svenson Hair is confident in meeting your hair and scalp needs.

The IOT, founded in 1902, is the foremost professional association for trichologists in the world. As the largest provider for trichology training in Europe, the institute has built a high standard in the Trichology industry worldwide for training and professional practices.

The values and vision of the institute has remained the same over the century:

'Our vision should be one of a united fellowship of specifically trained men and women, carrying on the work founded by this Institute, raising it to its place on a proper professional plane in the joint interests of its Members and of the community. It is the duty and privilege of everyone connected with the Institute to assist in every possible way towards the furtherance of trichological knowledge'

More About Us


Our in-house Trichologists combine years of formal training under UK-based specialists with expertise gain by extensively consulting around the region.

Hair Consultants

Our Hair Care Consultants study an average of 3,000 cases and undergo 6 years of experience and regular training with our UK-based Trichologists.


They maximise treatment efficacy with skilled support, from the know-how to operate treatment machines to the massages now synonymous with the Svenson experience.


Simply email us your questions & get your concerns answered.

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