Create your own style with Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit! F.I.T IS FAST, FUN, INSTANT, TIME SAVING

Your confidence will bring you places in your day to day interactions! Recognising the importance of personal style and personal expression, Svenson is excited to bring to you the new Instant Hair Fitting Kit that will F.I.T in right in your life as it is fast, fun, instant and time-saving!

Regain your confidence in the comfort of your own home and create your ideal look with our professional and easy kit.

The Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit includes:

Hair Kit presentation

Why the Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit?

The needs of customers are ever evolving - leading to the need of instant solutions that meld in comfortably into their lifestyles.
The Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit is the answer to you leading your best life brimming with confidence while not compromising on comfort. Read on
to find out why!

Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit


The Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit is customisable for varied stages of hair loss – from thinning hair, receding hair lines to advanced stages of hair loss

Tweak your style with its versatility to match your personality!

  • Breathable hair system
  • Secure and can be used in watersports
  • Undetectable hair system
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Natural hairline
  • Instant and easy solution
  • 100% natural hair
  • Personalised to your style
  • Easy to care for (can be washed, blown dry, cut, dyed or permed)

The Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit is suitable for all occasions including outdoor activities!


The following sizes are available to meet the needs of different head shapes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The hair length of all hair systems is between 5 to 6 inches.

  • Light
  • Medium
COLOURS: Natural Black Dark Brown
  • Can be styled according to your personal preference
  • Or enjoy our professional styling advice and service (subject to additional charge)

You can wear the Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit by either:

  1. Securing with professional adhesive tapes made specifically for hair systems and scalp
  2. Invisible hair clips


step 1 Click & shop

Visit to purchase the kit. Our Customer Service Agent will be in touch with you within 3 days of confirmed order placed on the website and payment process is completed. The agent will contact you to confirm the size, volume and hair colour prior to shipment.

step 2 Personalised service

Additional in center value-added services, such as pre-cutting and styling of Hair System, are also available with additional charges applied. Please check with our agent for further details such as pricing and procedures.

step 3 Transformation Begins at Home

Delivered to your doorstep, your Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit will allow you to transform your look instantly, revealing a brand new you!

How to measure your head size before placing order

L: 25cm x 20cm M: 19cm x 14cm S: 16cm x 12cm

Head size measurement guidelines


Place four fingers horizontally on your forehead and above your eyebrows to find out the position of the natural hairline.


Determine the head circumference by measuring the length and width of the top of your head using a measuring tape.

Customer's Sharing

Hear what our customer has to share about his transformative journey using the Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit!

Practical Tips to put on the Svenson Instant Hair Fitting Kit yourself

Different Hairstyles For A Confident Look


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