NEW! DEP INFUSION Custom Solution for Denser, Thicker Hair
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Accelerate Your Hair Growth With Breakthrough Technology & Advanced Custom Solutions

Say goodbye to thinning, weak hair as Svenson gets you ahead of your hair care woes with the latest technological breakthrough in hair care science—the DEP Infusion System.

Go through a detailed scalp analysis by our certified Trichologists to get a proper

diagnosis, and thereafter a customised solution for your needs. The efficacy of this customised formulation will then be kicked up a notch with the DEP Infusion System. How? Read more to find out how you can get thicker, healthier hair with the complementing combo treatment:

Certified Trichologist Scalp Analysis

Customised Ampoule

New Technology to Penetrate Roots

DEP Infusion System

This new non-invasive transdermal delivery technology that has been approved by the FDA, enables serums to be absorbed 10 times more effectively while stimulating scalp microcirculation. The DEP System is able to increase skin’s permeability by using a particular controlled current that allows micro and macro molecules to be safely delivered directly into hair follicles and roots, without damage to scalp tissue or alteration to the serum’s ingredients. By using it simultaneously with a complementing formulation for your scalp, the DEP system ensures:

  • Acceleration of absorption of key active ingredients
  • Safe transdermal delivery of serum through patented technology
  • Scalp microcirculation to stimulate follicles for optimal serum retention




Congested Follicles,
Flaky Scalp


Excess Sebum and Sensitive Scalp


First Sign
of Hair Thinning


Weak, Thinning

Svenson's arsenal of clinically proven formulation will be customised in accordance with our 4 levels of care to suit your current hair and scalp needs.

Do you miss having thick and luscious hair? Revive your crowning glory with our customised ampoule with key active ingredients, to strengthen your hair roots, and

accelerate healthier, thicker hair growth!

When it comes to preventing further hair fall and turning around the thinning hair situation, time is of the essence! Instead of trying several methods and formulation, take back control with clinically tested formulation, and accelerate its effectiveness with science-backed technology.

SVENSON HOMECARE Complementing our extensive array of treatments.

Let Svenson’s products & treatment kits help you keep your hair care routine convenient. 10-MIN HAIR CARE EVERY DAY is all you need!

Svenson products are formulated and developed with the most effective and nourishing ingredients to protect your hair against hair loss. Whether you’re struggling with greasy scalp or scaly scalp condition, there’s a Svenson product just for you!

Choose from our five ranges—Balance, Defence, Nourish, Rescue and ProRepair—for the products that suit your hair and scalp needs and you’re on your way to shiny and bouncy hair! Visit our online store to shop today.

Throughout the years,

Our convictions remain the same: Hair and scalp care that’s committed and holistic, delivered by Trichologists and Hair Consultants who have your best interests at heart.

Our Trichologists are Official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT).

Our Hair Consultants study an average of 3,000 cases and undergo 6 years of experience and regular training.

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