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Change your look in an instant with Svenson’s Follicraft hair weaves. Made from 100% natural human hair, Follicraft assures you maximum comfort and security while giving you natural looking, fuller hair.

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Why Follicraft?

Follicraft provides you maximum satisfaction while requiring minimum maintenance.

Zero downtime needed

Zero downtime

180-degree change in look & feel without any downtime. Experience greater flexibility in having different hair styles, in an instant. Regain hair, and confidence today.

Natural look & feel, even when active

Natural look & feel,
even when active

Engineered to seamlessly blend into your lifestyle, Follicraft is undetectable and extremely secure. Shower daily, exercise or even swim with it.

Everyday comfort & ease

Everyday comfort
& ease

Lightweight and using fine mesh, Follicraft incorporates into daily life without irritation or hassle.

How Follicraft Works:

Follicraft Hair Weave is a hair replacement system that is non-invasive, and attached to scalp securely. The hair weave seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle with a natural looking hairline.



Our Hair Consultant would assess your lifestyle, needs and hair condition to recommend a suitable hair weave: a micro-thin, virtually invisible mesh.



Change your look with no downtime needed, as we utilise non-invasive methods of securing Follicraft onto your scalp or hair.



We would secure your selected hair weave to your own hair using our proprietary Follicraft Microlinks or Permarite system – gentle, secure and non-invasive – for a natural looking hairline.

Securement Systems:

Follicraft can be securely attached to scalp or integrated with existing hair via 2 attachment systems. Method of attachment system will be advised upon scalp analysis to determine the best option for the chosen Follicraft hair weave.

System 1:

Permarite Adhesive

A gentle, non-invasive and secure adhesion to the scalp for a natural, and undetectable hairline.

System 2:


Proprietary system using a non-surgical method to integrate hair weave to existing hair for a fuller, natural look.

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We offer several Follicraft Packages from basic to premium services, choose one that best suits your needs today!

Only RM2,600 in total!

1 Instant Hair Weave
+ 12 Maintenance Visits

Shampoo: x6
Re-Conditioning: x6
Full Head Colour: x1
Touch Up Colour: x2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for men & women?

Follicraft Micro hair weave is suitable for men and women who are concerned about their thin and fine hair, and want to find an immediate solution for fuller looking hair.

How is it attached?
Is it surgical?

Follicraft Micro is a non-surgical method using 100% human hair to give you a natural look. It consists of a micro-thin, virtually invisible mesh or “skin”, which is integrated with your own hair with the help of our specialised Follicraft Permarite system.

What kind of hair do our hair weaves use?

We provide high quality human hair which can match your hair colour, texture, length and style. Our experienced Hair Consultants are eager to provide guidance based on your hair type and specific concerns related to your lifestyle.

Is it comfortable? Can you shower with it?

The permeable micro thin mesh base allows for the scalp to ‘breathe’ and yes - you can shower with it. Our follow-up treatments also allow for fuss-free maintenance.

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