Juniper Renewal Solution

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:


Specifically formulated to soothe and treat irritated and inflamed flaky scalps, that are in relation to dandruff, eczema and excess sebum. The Juniper Renewal Solution contains key actives to clear follicles blockage, regulate sebaceous glands and maintain a bacteria free environment on scalp.

Key Ingredients

White Willow Bark Extract A natural exfoliator and antiseptic, this extract enhances the scalp’s cell turnover rate to reduce flakes, and balance oil glands in follicles.

Sulphur A well known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial element, Sulphur has been used over the years to treat scalp disorders such as seborrhoea or infections.

Juniper Berry Extract The astringent and anti-fungal qualities of this key botanic active, assists in decreasing dandruff and prevention of scalp acne.