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Hair / Scalp Concern:

Severe Hair Loss

Svenson’s Stem Plus Therapy incorporates stem extracts from adipose tissue, with the latest technologies. The therapy utilises bio-engineered complexes such as Copper Peptides and Nano Encapsulation Technology to effectively deliver nutrients to the hair follicle.

This specific formula has been developed to treat the scalp and is recommended for most scalp conditions. It is clinically proven to increase follicle size, rebuild blood supply to damaged follicles, while stimulating melanin synthesis (against greying hairs). The formula also inhibits 5-α reductase which then halts the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) - the occurring enzyme that causes hair loss.

This non-invasive treatment shortens the resting phase of hair cycle and generates more hair follicles during the growing phase to produce thick healthy hair and scalp.

Key Ingredients

Adipose Derived Media Extract Adipose, also known as fat tissue, is the richest and most accessible known source of stem cells.  A specific extract from the adipose stem cell containing concentrated Growth Factors, has the ability of promoting differentiation of skin cells, which gives amazing anti-aging effects when infused into the dermis.

Copper Tripeptides Bio-engineered complexes to increase follicle size and rebuild blood supply to damaged follicles.